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Rincon Dive Center Activities

Rincón Del Mar, Sucre

Scuba Diving 4 - 5h 1 - 5 Pers

Diving in Rincon del Mar: Yes you can

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Western Caribbean Coast of Colombia 1 Activity

Diving in Rincon del Mar: Yes you can

Rincon del Mar is a little fisher town nestled on the Caribbean coast, at 4 hours from Cartagena. Just in front, there are the San Bernardo islands. The dive center is situated in the center of the village, near the hostel Rincon Del Frances.

Never mind your certifications, everyone can try this exciting experience where you will swim with colorful fishes. There is a class for everyone: Scuba diving baptism, Fun dives, etc. Besides, you can pass your open water 1 or 2 if you like!
They don’t mix beginners and more experienced divers in order not to penalize any of them – except if you request it.

All excursions include 2 dives, but it’s a bit different in the case of the baptism. You do your first immersion from the beach in 1 m of water so that you can familiarize yourself with the equipment and the instructions.

The water in the Caribbean Sea is warm, and there is excellent visibility – It can be a bit murky if it has rained the day before. Enjoy this perfect spot to observe well-preserved colorful reefs and many fishes. Unforgettable memories!

❤️ What we like

  • Professionalism
  • Perfect For Beginner
  • Different Levels
  • Warm
  • Good Visibility
  • Near The Diving Spots
  • Small Group
  • Good Vibe

About Rincon Dive Center Activities

Giovani and Stefania own the Rincon Dive Center. Their good mood and professionalism are perfect to put you in the right conditions before diving. It’s a quality we’re always looking for with our partners.
It’s a personalized service as they always keep the groups small (3-5 people).
Rincon del Mar isn’t famous for diving yet, but the ocean floor is beautiful down there. Moreover, all the diving spots are close to each other. You don’t have to take the boat for hours. 10-12m deep only.
Giovani and Stefania are passioned, and they want to offer you a fantastic diving experience. Therefore, they prefer to cancel the activity is the conditions underwater aren’t good.

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Western Caribbean Coast of Colombia
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