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Reserva Natural Palmari Activities

Leticia, Amazon

Fishing experience 4h and + 1 to 8 Pers

Fish in the murky Amazon river

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Fish in the murky Amazon river

Traditional Piranha fishing in an activity you must try when traveling to Leticia and the Amazon.

Palmari offers this activity to its guests. Your guide invites you to board on his thin wooden canoe, called “Pique Pique,” to catch piranha thanks to a handcrafted technic.

Firstly, you have to look for a spot where the water is quite shallow as there are more fishes. Afterward, you tie the boat to a branch and get your bamboo stick with nylon and a hook ready. You stick a piece of raw chicken to the catch, and then you drop it in the water in front of you.

It’s quite a playful moment. 🙂

If you’re a fishing fan, then you must travel to the Amazon when the river level is low. Indeed, when the water slowly recedes, various lagoons filled with fishes appear in the jungle.

In Palmari, your guide can lead to places where nobody is aware of, but you must deserve it. You will have to walk through the jungle with your canoe! This experience is physically demanding, and you will sweat a lot. Keep smiling and think of the giant fishes you can get and stories to tell.

Add this activity to your Colombia itinerary if you’re curious to know how local communities fish in the Amazon. Beginners and aficionados fishers will love that experience!

❤️ What we like

  • Transportation is taken care of
  • Excellent organization
  • Professionalism
  • Personal local guide
  • Broad range of activities
  • Beverages at will
  • Stunning site
  • Once in a lifetime jungle experience

About Reserva Natural Palmari Activities

It’s quite an adventure to arrive in the Nature Reserve Palmari, which is located in the Brazil part of the Amazon. Fortunately, transportation is entirely managed by the staff, from your arrival in the Amazon to your wooden cabin in the middle of the jungle.

After a 3-h boat trip on the river Javary, you’re welcome in a beautiful and well laid out property that fits perfectly with its environment by a staff composed of indigenous living in the community nearby and young volunteers who help for the translations.

Inside the Reserva Palmari, everything is taken care of thanks to an excellent organization. At your arrival, you get your local private guide who organizes and accompanies your daily activities at your convenience.

Typical meals are served at a fixed time, on the main table, with all the other guests and staff. It’s a peaceful moment where you can mingle with everyone. Moreover, beers, caipirinha, and non-alcoholic beverages are freely offered.

By choosing Palmari, you can be sure that your stay is going to be memorable. You won’t need to worry about anything except picking your favorite activities at your pace, observing the fauna and flora, and embracing nature.

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50% down payment. Multi-day stay that includes everything. Prices decrease according to the number of people.

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