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Providencia, San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina Archipelago

Horse riding 3h 1-6 Pers

Horse ride among beaches and green hills

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Horse ride among beaches and green hills

This horse riding activity starts in SouthWest Bay, a famous district of Providencia Island.

Accompanied by your local guide, you first head to lovely green hills in the direction of the Peak. As part of the adventure, you will have to avoid a few branches on the way. On the first stop, there is a breathtaking view of the 7-color sea. The contrast between the lush green vegetation and the crystalline water is terrific.

After a few memorable photos, it’s time to practice your canter – optional – on the white-sand. Head to Manzanillo that is the most beautiful beach on the island. Listen to your guide instructions and let yourself be transported by your dynamic mount. Don’t let the reins out! It’s scary at first, but I’m sure you will love this hectic moment.

Add this experience to your Colombia trip if you plan to visit Providencia and want to horse ride on a paradise island and feel the wind your hair.

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  • A broad range of activities
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  • Laid-back

About Scheidner Tours y Viajes Activities

Scheidner has been living his whole life in Providencia. He is fond of his island and love to go fishing early in the morning. His company, Scheidner Tours y Viajes, aims to show the Providencia’s beauties to curious travelers.

The local agency is based in Fresh Water Bay, and they’re able to organize any activities on the island, except scuba diving. Decide to hike to the highest point of the island, horse ride through the hilly landscapes and the white-sand beaches, or grab a snorkel and explore the best reef spots in the area. For the fans of fishing, wake up early and follow him in his adventures.

As you noticed, it’s easy to spend one week in Providencia, alternating between outdoor activities and relaxing time, without being bored.

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