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Medellín, Antioquia

Cultural Tour 8h 1 - 10 Pers

Medellín Street Art

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Medellín and Antioquia 6 Activities

Medellín Street Art

The visit starts in the old city center of Medellin. Observe and experience the daily life of the city and its main highlights. Then, take the metro to reach Comuna 13, a well-known district with a bloody past because of armed conflicts. Nowadays, this area is an excellent example of social change and innovation. Learn its history through its inhabitants and the graffitis in the street.

Don’t hesitate to add this tour to your Colombia itinerary to understand the main changes going on in the major cities of this country.

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About Kaanas Travel Activities

Cathy and her guides develop solidarity and sustainable tourism that benefits the local communities. Each of her tours aims to help a collective system, a social organization, an education project, local businesses, and more! She includes local players on every occasion, which makes her experiences unique and very rich on a human level.

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Medellín and Antioquia
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