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Expedition Colombia Activities

Medellín, Antioquia

Rafting-Kayak-Tubbing 2 days 1-7 Pers

Rafting expedition into the wild

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Medellín and Antioquia 1 Activity

Rafting expedition into the wild

In Medellin, a private vehicle picks you up at your hotel and drives you to San Francisco. It takes approximately 2h30.

There, in this tiny town nestled in the mountains of Antioquia, you will meet the guides from Expedition Colombia. All the equipment is already packed in a 4×4, but they will do a final check with you to see if you’re missing anything.

After a short drive with the jeep, there is a final section where you must walk down into a canyon through a beautiful trail to reach the river. They put the deflate rafting and camping gears on donkeys. Yes, it’s a lot of logistics for the guides, but don’t worry. They’re used to it.

After 2 hours, you can start sighting the crystal clear river. Let’s inflate to rafting! Once again, Expedition Colombia takes care of everything while you take a quick dip in the rapids. Your certified guide gives you the final instructions. Then, it’s time to get on board for 2 days of adventures. This activity allows you to discover outstanding sceneries made up of giant trees, deep canyons, and a mighty river that few people are aware of.

During this thrilling rafting experience, you will pass by many rapids, – class 2,3 & 4 – meet some gold-seekers who ride artisanal and flimsy boats and stop various times on the shore to jump from rocks. Besides, keep your eyes open when paddling. There are plenty of birds and other animals to observe.

At the end of the first day, you stop at a base camp. Your guides will settle the hammocks, make a bonfire, and cook dinner. To spend the night surrounded by lush vegetation is the final touch that makes this adventure memorable. Everyone sits around the fire, gives its first impressions, listens to scary animal noises.

Unfortunately, all the good things come to an end. The team will drive you back to Medellin (3h) in the afternoon of the 2nd days.

Add this 2-day rafting experience to your Colombia itinerary if you want to mix extreme activity, mind-blowing sceneries, and night into the jungle.

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About Expedition Colombia Activities

Expedition Colombia is a local agency with excellent logistics and a reliable network of local partners that allow them to organize unique extreme excursions, for one or several days, in different parts of Antioquia.

All the guides are qualified and bilingual (French or English) and know the department like the back of their hand. Moreover, they always give the best of themselves for each trip.

With Expedition Colombia, plan a multi-day rafting trip, hike for several days in the mountains around Medellin, plan a horse riding activity, or visit a Finca where they make chocolate and panela. Through their tours, you will discover the natural beauties hidden in Colombia and how to protect them. The preservation of the environment is a significant preoccupation for this local agency. They organize various annual events and awareness campaigns.

Also, many local actors benefit from their business, and they encourage and educate the new Colombian generation. They take teenagers under their wings and train them to become certified guides.

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Medellín and Antioquia
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