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Eco Guias San Rafael Activities

San Rafael, Antioquia

Rafting-Kayak-Tubbing 4h 1 - 8 Pers

Tubing Around San Rafael

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Tubing Around San Rafael

The town of San Rafael is located on the Antioquia department, a 1-hour bus drive from Guatape.

The tubing is an entertaining activity where you go down a river on an inner tube. You just have to sit in the center and enjoy the adventure! In San Rafael, there are two routes. An easy one with a smooth current, which is perfect for kids and families. The river carries you while you enjoy the landscapes around. The second option, on the Guatape River, is much more hectic. Currents are strong, and some sections of the river are more technical. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something fun and sensational. In both cases, the helmet and the suit are included.

Add the tubing experience in your Colombia trip if you like crystal clear rivers and water games!

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About Eco Guias San Rafael Activities

San Rafael is only 1 h away from Guatape. Not famous yet, San Rafael and San Carlos are the perfect playgrounds for travelers who want to experience water activities like canyoning and tubing. Owner of Eco Guias, Manuel is a certified guide who will make you feel at ease. Rivers and waterfalls around are fantastic. Besides, Manuel offers different routes, depending on the level of difficulties. Take a deep breath and jump into this new adventure.

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