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Popayán, Cauca

Trek 2 Days 1 - 8 Pers

A memorable 2-day adventure in the Purace National park

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A memorable 2-day adventure in the Purace National park

The famous Purace national park extends on two departments: Cauca and Huila. The tour starts in Popayan with a private vehicle that picks you up at your hotel and drives you to the park entrance – 1h drive. Be ready to climb the active Volcano Purace, at an altitude of 4780m above sea level.

During this exciting 2-day trip, you will be accompanied by a private driver, a bilingual Get Up and Go Colombia guide, and a local indigenous guide. Everything is included in this tour: park entrance, transportation, accommodation, meals, guides, and so on.

On the first day, you take time to acclimatize at the altitude and visit the mind-blowing highlights nearby. During this 18-km hike -mostly flat-, you will discover beautiful lagoons hidden among the paramo ecosystem, impressive waterfalls, giant condors, and jaw-dropping natural hot springs.

On the 2nd day, you wake up early and head to the military base by car – at an altitude of 4050 m above sea level. Then, you start hiking to reach the volcano’s summit. It should take around 2 hours. The ascent is quite demanding, but your local guides are there to help you out. Go at your own pace, and everything is going to be okay.

If you’re lucky enough, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking 360-degree view at the top, gazing at the Andean mountains and the crater floor.

Add this stunning 2-day trip to your Colombia itinerary if you want to explore beautiful paramo, observe the Andean wildlife, and hike an impressive volcano.

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About Get Up And Go Colombia Activities

Get Up and Go Colombia is an organization that aims to develop tourism in the areas affected by the armed conflict. They offer exciting tours to promote different places, food, and biodiversity in Cauca.

Thanks to several guides and numerous teachers and students from Popayan universities, this local agency is quite promising to develop an excellent sustainable tourism model in the department. We loved the quality of their activities, the general atmosphere, and friendly hospitality.

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