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Bogotá And Cundinamarca

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Bogota and Cundinamarca: Our highlights and itinerary ideas

Bogota is situated in the department of Cundinamarca. Although many tourists scorn the capital, you will be surprised by the number of hidden gems, educational attractions, musical events, and delicious restaurants present between its walls. You should definitively think about adding Bogota to your Colombia itinerary if you aim to plan a cultural trip.

When coming to Colombia, consider the capital as the perfect initiation for your journey. Indeed, Bogota doesn’t have the charm of the old European cities, with refined old buildings from the Middle Age. However, it’s the best place to learn about Colombia’s history, get a clear insight into the Colombian’s way of life, and make multiple matching all along your trip. Visit a giant market place to taste tens of exotical fruits, and find out what will be your future favorite fresh juice in the world.
Afterward, book some comprehensive tours and enter in museums to understand the complicated past of Colombia, and find out its best kept-secrets. Then, climb the stairs of Monserrate to contemplate the most breath-taking views of the city.
At night, hang out in the Zona Gourmet to pick a delicious restaurant, then head to the Zona Rosa to party with the Colombians on Latino and electro music beats. Also, there are tons of live music events if you know where to go.

Besides the capital, there are many exciting highlights nearby to embrace nature and get some adrenaline shots. It’s perfect for spicing up your Colombia trip! Indeed, the Cundinamarca department is nestled among the Andean mountains.

Travel to Suesca if you like outdoor rock climbing. This little town, at 1-h bus drive from Bogota, is word famous about the climber community. There are more than 400 equipped routes!

Head to Tobia if you’re fond of extreme activities. This little town, 3-h bus drive away from the capital, is an excellent spot for active travelers. There, you can organize various rafting and canyoning activities, slide down with one of the largest ziplines in South America, get some chills with their “special” pendulum swing, or plan a horse-riding trip.

Finally, the region is an excellent playground for mountain lovers. Local agencies can drive you to two splendid national parks nearby, Sumapaz and Chingaza, so that you can hike through the paramos, a unique ecosystem present in 4 countries in the world.

In short, Bogota has a lot to offer to travelers who know where to look for, and the capital is a strategical stop to include on your Colombia itinerary to explore the rest of the country.

Suesca Rock Climbing outdoor
Tobia Rappelling extreme sport
Bogota Graffiti La Candelaria
View Monserrate Bogota

Examples of activities in Bogota and around that we can add in your Colombia itinerary: 

  • Drink fantastic coffees: Head to the best cafes in the capital to discover why so many people are fond of Colombian coffee.
  • Savor Colombian specialties: Jump from market to street food to typical restaurant to eat mouth-watering dishes.
  • Visit the largest market in Colombia: Markets are an excellent way to learn about the country’s culture. Go to Paloquemao and take a look at the hundreds of stands!
  • Walking tours in the capital: Stroll among the numerous alleys of the old city center with your local guide to learn about the best kept-secrets of Bogota.
  • Understand the socio-political situation: It’s complicated to get a clear picture of the bloody past of Colombia. Listen to the comprehensive explanations of your local guide while visiting the main buildings in Bogota.
  • Dance on Latino music beats: People love dancing in Colombia. Take some classes and have fun during your holidays!
  • Hike through the Andeans Mountains and the paramos: The sceneries there are mind-blowing. Don’t forget your camera 😉
  • Visit Coffee and Chocolate farms: Cacao and Coffee are two essential commodities for the country. Learn the different production processes.
  • Chase waterfalls and canyons: Have fun while canyoning in a fantastic environment.
  • Go down a mighty river: Jump on a raft and paddle hard!
  • Fly between green valleys without a plane: Put on your equipment and grab a 1-km zipline! 
  • Become a spider pig: There are more than 400 climbing routes in Suesca. 
  • Visit the best museums in the country: Indigenous culture, arts, gold past, colonization, wars, and so on.
  • Street art tour: Graffiti are more than lovely drawings on walls. They teach lessons to the new generations. 

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