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Meta and Guaviare

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Meta and Guaviare: Our highlights and itinerary ideas

The Meta is still a “wild area” little visited by tourists. This department is mainly known for Caño Cristales, the famous River of Five Colors, which is considered as one of the most beautiful rivers in the world.

The national park is open from June to November when the water level is high enough for the aquatic plants to grow. Their unique colors give different shades of red to the river. The show is exceptional!
All the excursions leave from La Macarena, and you must first take a charter from Medellin, Cali or Bogota to get there.

San Jose del Guaviare is another off the beaten path destination you could include in your Colombia itinerary. Thanks to the peace agreement signed in 2016, this area, anciently controlled by the FARC for many years, is now open to the public. There are many hidden gems to discover!
Travel there to contemplate old intriguing rock paintings, swim in hidden lagoons, look for pink dolphins, chill in natural pools, and observe a kind-of-the-same Caño Cristales. Besides, end each day with a magnificent sunset of the Guaviare River.

Is it the first time you hear about these places? Don’t hesitate to include them in your Colombia tour.

Also, Guaviare and Meta are near the savannah called Los Llanos. The landscapes are endless plains and wetlands. In this region of Colombia, cow-boys are the princes, and they have developed impressive skills to shepherd their castles.

Sunset Guaviare
Pozos naturales San Jose del Guaviare
Tapete Rojo Caño Cristales La Macarena
La Savannah La Macarena

Examples of activities we can add to your Colombia itinerary if you decide to visit Meta and Guaviare:

  • Contemplate Caño Cristales, the most beautiful river in the world: The natural park Caño Cristales is incredible and 100% worth it, although it’s a bit complicated to get there. From June to November, you will be able to discover this river of 5 colors – different shades of red because of aquatic plants. 
  • Find out intriguing rock paintings: Located in Cerro Azul and surrounded by lush vegetation, massive rocks are covered with many drawings depicting animals, troglodytes, and other mysterious symbols. Add this experience to your Colombia itinerary if you to want to be like Indiana Jones.
  • Wander in a maze made of stones and tunnels: With your local guide, observe the unusual rocks shaped over time and look for the Guaviare Flower. Be careful with the bats in the tunnels!
  • Dusk on the Guaviare River: We loved the glints of sunset on the river and the trees around us. Photographers will be delighted.
  • Swim with pink dolphins: Flipper’s cousins are not only in the Amazon. Jump from the boat and let them come to you.
  • Jeep and boat tours: In these remote areas, all the expeditions are organized by jeeps or boats. The journey itself is fantastic. You pass by incredible canyons, viewpoints, and lush jungle. Every day is a new adventure!
  • Take a dip in waterfalls, rivers, and lakes: During these tours, there are many occasions to jump into the water. It’s excellent news as the weather is quite hot and humid in this part of Colombia!
  • Tranquilandia, Caño Cristales’s sibling: Although it’s not as much impressive as in La Macarena, Tranquilandia is a good option for travelers who want to observe this famous phenomenon.
  • Chill in natural swimming pools: Because of the water erosion, there are some intriguing natural pools in the middle of a river. That place is beautiful! 
  • Find out about Caño Canoa: Almost nobody goes there as it’s a long trip from La Macarena. Caño Canoa is an impressive waterfall lost in the middle of nowhere. Will you be brave enough?
  • Observe the fauna and flora: The biodiversity in this part of Colombia is fantastic. Learn about trees and look for colorful birds, dolphins, caimans, monkeys, turtles, and more! It’s an ideal place to embrace nature.

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