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The Amazon

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The Amazon: Our highlights and itinerary ideas

You’re admiring lush vegetation with incredible green landscapes as far as your eyes can see, divided by a large and mighty river where meet all type of boats… No, you’re not dreaming. You just arrived in the Amazon forest.
If you like adventures, boat trips, wildlife, mosquitoes, and mesmerizing sunsets, then this destination must be included in your Colombia itinerary. However, you must deserve it! – I know, making choices between the different regions for building your itinerary is terribly complicated.

Leticia is the only ” official entrance” to reach the Amazon in Colombia. To this end, you must take a flight from Bogota. Once in Leticia, you will realize there are a bunch of activities, day trips, and local agencies in town! Fortunately, we have selected the best ones 🙂 like heading to Puerto Nariño or crossing the Brazilian border to enjoy an unforgettable stay at the Palmari natural reserve.

The city of Leticia is nestled between the Brazilian, Peruvian, and Colombia border. This area, far away from everything, is surrounded by many indigenous communities. Grab this occasion to exchange with them and learn about their culture. Do you want to enjoy this unique experience? Then add the Amazon in your Colombia Itinerary. All the guides we are working with are native and have an excellent knowledge of the Amazon jungle. They will be glad to share with you all their secrets!

Amazon - Boat
Amazon - Kayak
Amazon - tree
Amazon - Trek

Examples of experiences we can add to your Colombia itinerary if you want to explore the Amazon with us:

  • Observe the fauna and flora: The biodiversity in the Amazon jungle is incredible. Step inside this vast kingdom with endless green landscapes and trees higher than buildings.  
  • Spend the night in the jungle: Take your hammock, your mosquito net, some food, and go deep into the wilderness to set up your camp. Be brave. Early in the morning, you will be awake by bird songs and monkeys – If you’re lucky enough. Are you a traveler who is looking for adventure and stories to tell? Then, you must include this unforgettable experience on your Colombia tour.
  • Stay in fantastic Eco-lodges: Pick your accommodation among our selection of luxury eco-lodges. It will blow your mind ;).
  • Kayak on the Amazon: The river floods the jungle depending on the season, and you can kayak among branches and trees. Except for the noise of the paddles, everything is silent. It was one of our favorites moments in the Amazon. During the low water season, you can enjoy the tempory sand beaches. It’s quite fun too!
  • Zipline in the forest: Be like Tarzan and move from trees to trees with a cable. It’s an entertaining experience, accessible for everyone – except if you’re afraid of heights.
  • Observe pink dolphins: Flipper’s cousins live in the Amazon river. They are entirely different from the ones in saltwater. Open your eyes when taking the boat. I’m sure you will spot some of them.
  • Plan a day trip to Peru or Brasil: Leticia is at the intersection of 3 countries. You can take a tuk-tuk to reach Brazil and drink a caipirinha or a boat to enjoy a delicious Ceviche. You won’t need your passport 😉
  • Find out about the indigenous culture: In Leticia, the inhabitants have kept many traditions, especially about the medicinal plants. Learn about their history and culture.
  • Swim in frightening lakes: It’s always scary to jump in a lagoon where you can’t see the bottom, but the weather is so humid that you will do it anyway. Pura Vida!
  • Sleep in the trees: Some of our partners have built wood platforms, at 30m above the ground. From there, there is a fantastic view of the Amazon canopy, and the sunset/sunrise are magical. Besides, you’re 100% immersed in nature. We loved this experience <3.
  • Unforgettable sunsets on the Amazon: It’s one of the best parts in Colombia to enjoy the show. Don’t miss it.
  • Observe thousands of parrots going to bed: At dusk, thousands of parrots meet and sleep together in the main square. It’s a noisy and fascinating experience.
  • Fishing: It’s an artisanal activity, and everyone will love it. Grab a bamboo stick, a fish line, and a hook, then try to catch piranhas. Don’t be depressed if your local guide gets ten times more fishes than you. For the fishing fans, pick the right season, and you’re going to be pleasantly surprised! 

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