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What do you prefer: 19 hours in planes and buses or 19 hours experiencing new things?

Our plan

per traveling day after 5 people, we charge an additional 8$/day per person

We take care of everything regarding the organization of your journey to Colombia and you benefit from 10-20% discounts among our 200 + local partners. On average, our clients save 9$/day/pers.

A detailed tailor-made itinerary We take into consideration your travel personality, your desires and your budget.
A selection of top-notch places, activities and accommodations We've been everywere in Colombia to offer you the best options.
Benefit from 10-20% discounts among our 200 + local partners Our partners can offer you special discounts because we don't take commission.
Our daily fee stays the same up to 5 people! A group of 5 people save in average 45$/day.
Don't worry about your bookings You just have to say Yes or No.
Illimited communication with Colombia Insider till your departure Email & WhatsApp. We want you to leave in the best conditions possible.
Get your personalized guidebook accessible everywhere! A travel App to download your roadmap, bookings, and other documents on your phone. It works offline too!

And also:

  • You get all the information about Public and private transportation: Duration, schedule, prices
  • Receive our travel tools to explore Colombia like an insider (Travel insurance, mobile banking, local SIM card, our best travel advice after 4 years in Colombia, a list of our favorite places and activities, an interactive file of the best weekly and yearly events in Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, and Cali)
  • 1 carte Mapstr with the best restaurants, bars et club à Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, and Cali.
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1/ Tell us about your trip

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2/ Video Call

Let's really talk about you, your desires and expectations to define your travel personality.

100 % down payment

3/ Itinerary suggestions

We exchange as many times as needed to get the perfect itinerary.

4/ Final Itinerary

We take care of the bookings and create a detailed guidebook for this trip.

5/ You enjoy the adventure

Thanks to our travel tools, advice and your itinerary on your phone, you're ready to travel on your own in Colombia.

Extra reasons to use our services

We think that every traveler is different. Colombia is twice the size of France, and there are thousands of trips possible. We want you to get something unique.

 We are 100% transparent. No more hidden prices. We don’t earn commissions. By doing so, all the suggestions we make are in your interest.

We want you to travel on your own. Colombians are one of the main reasons why we fell in love with this country. Going on his own is the best way to interact with them.

We help our local partners. If we do it right, tourism is an excellent opportunity to help Colombia to face its problems. Your money directly benefits the locals.

We know our stuff. Throughout each year, we look for new partners and places in Colombia to give the best options possible. Meanwhile, our blog helps more than 30 000 readers to plan their trip each month.

They trusted us

What our beloved clients said about us

Julie, 32

Spent 2 weeks in Colombia in Sept. 2018

Une vraie envie de partager la colombie et de vous faire vivre de beaux moments! Hyper à l'écoute et de bonne humeur! bravo et merci!

Pierre, 33

Spent 20 days in Colombia in July 2019

Thomas et Adrien ont été d’une aide précieuse pour l’organisation de notre voyage de noce en Colombie. Notre voyage a été magnifique !! Un grand merci à eux pour leur disponibilité, leur réactivité et leur gentillesse. Marine & Pierre


Spent 2 weeks in Colombia in Septembre 2019

Une magnifique expérience en Colombie, un pays d'une très grande diversité, et qui a beaucoup à offrir. Nous ne regrettons pas d'avoir chamboulé notre itinéraire, sur les conseils de Thomas et Adrien. Une équipe de choc qui nous a impressionnés ... Comptez sur eux les yeux fermés !

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  • Exclusive Discounts
  • We plan your trip
  • The finest activities
  • Personal coaching

Our plan

per traveling day after 5 people, we charge an additional 8$/day per person
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